2023 IPE Map

1.Agriculture Avenue  - 4-H, swine, goats, llamas, sheep, beef & dairy cattle as well as outside vendors

2.Artisan Market / Barn Dance Tents – Wed-Thurs: Local Okanagan artisan showcase.

Fri & Sat: Barn Dance!

3.Community Corner – Music stage,food court, mini golf, Lumberjack show, Juniors firefighting challenge and more!

4.Horse Central – show office and grandstands, farrier demo

Ring #2– Light Horse activities

5.Hassen Hall Market Place

6.Poutlry Barn

7.  Horticulture Building - Physical/mental Health awareness booths, as well as Commercial vendors with health related products

8.Licensed areas -Beer Gardens - 19+

8A.Community Corner licensed family patio

9. Ring #1 – Cowboy challenge, heavy horse events, min    chuckwagon races, stock dog events, Wed-Sat

Rodeo and Sun PBR (8pm each night.)