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What Our Fans Say

Food - check, rides - check, music - check...HINT: Buy your tickets in advance as they sell out quickly for both the weekend rodeo and barn dances. Bring the Appoloosa Band back! They rocked the house down <3 <3

Mike T

It is great to see everyone back again. I can't believe all the tractors and equipment. My boys loved climbing on all of the equipment. The fair brings all sorts of memories of growing up on the farm with 4H. Ride line ups were lengthy sometimes but worth it.

Jayson S

Over all a great Wednesday. The discount was nice for the seniors. The first day is great because the flowers and vegetables are still fresh. The lower temperatures were nice for walking the grounds. It was nice to see all the young families.
All around an enjoyable family day! :-)

Toni E

OMG What a wnderful first time visit! We couldn't believe the animals and the entertainement. My kids loved the baby bunnies. Mu husband loved the variety of food. We both appreciated the cold ciders in the small food court. We can't wait to make this a yearly trip. Thank you.

Libby K

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