Not sure what to enter?

Head to Prize Book Entries to take a look at all the different classes to choose from!

Make sure to check with the guidelines and showtimes for each class before entering! 

Ready to Enter?

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Entering online with Smart Phone

  • Click the 3 red lines on the top right of screen.
  • On top Navigation click “Participate”
  • Scroll to find “Exhibitor on the drop down.
  • Click “Enter Here”
This will take to Assist Expo IPE online website, From here: 
  • Fill in email and choose password. Select “create an account.”
  • Re enter password, select “create an account.”
  • Re enter password, select “Start session.”
  • Click “Add Participant” button at the top of page.
  • Fill in needed information and click “Create this new participant.”
  • Click “Add Entry”
  • Select Division, then click “Next.”
  • Read over and accept terms rules, and conditions. Select “Yes, I read and accept these terms and conditions.”
  • Select class by clicking check box, then click “Add this entry.”
  • Select not a member and complete all over information needed, then click “Save these answers.”
  • To add more entries, click “add another entry”. Or change your selected class by clicking “modify entry.”
  • To add additional exhibitors on one account, click “add exhibitor.”
  • Fill in new exhibitor information and select “create new exhibitor.”
  • Click “Add entry”
  • Select division ** double check exhibitors name in the drop-down menu at top** Follow steps above.
  • Finish entering by selecting “Pay now with credit card.”