Will Call

Our main Will Call to pickup tickets (including gate, vendor and rodeo) is at the Main IPE office (log building across from Gate 2 on Wood Ave). During the exhibition, from 2pm onwards each day all rodeo tickets are brought down to the Rodeo Ticket Office next to the Red Grandstand for pickup unless other arrangements are made with the office.

First Aid

Located at Gate 1, in the front side of Hassen Hall. The station is staffed at all times with St. John Ambulance personnel.  Fire department EMTs are also on call to provide further medical assistance.

Lost & Found

Lost and found articles may be dropped off or recovered at the IPE Office- 3010 Wood Ave. Their telephone number is (250)-546-9406

Babies & Infants

The nursing station is in Hassen Arena and Nor-val Centre. Changing tables are located in the back of Hassen Arena restrooms and the Poultry washrooms.


We prefer no smoking on the entire grounds however there is strict enforcement in public buildings, or within 3 metres of building entrances, exits, windows that open and ventilation intakes. No smoking in all agricultural areas including rinks, barns and stalls. Smoking in Midway and Kids World and other areas with children is not permitted.

Fair People Movers – Transporters

Hop on this FREE shuttle that will take you across the fairgrounds. This service is provided at peak times daily.


Wheelchair and stroller rentals are available at the Gate 1 Information Booth during Fair time. Rental of wheelchairs, strollers and carts require a valid form of identification. CASH ONLY. Rentals are first come, first served and may not be reserved in advance.

Strollers: $5
Wheelchairs: $10
Lockers: $5
Locker rentals are at Gate 1.

Buy your tickets onlineWe are proud to announce online ticket purchasing this year!

It's that time! Secure your seat for this years Rodeo by pre-purchasing online, get General Admission tickets, and you can even pre-purchase your ride bracelets to avoid all the hassle at the gate! 

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