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Rustic Reel

There’s not that much to it, we just like fishing and quality craft beer.

There’s an incredible feeling to the Okanagan that comes from both our surroundings and our community. We are a blend of nature and city, orchards and beaches, patios and campfires, creating that one and only Okanagan vibe. 

That same vibe is distilled into the beers we craft and the space we invite you to enjoy. Rustic Reel Brewing Co. channels that essence of the Okanagan lifestyle into a place that feels like home, with beers that call to mind those distinct memories of what it means to be here. Built on a foundation of inclusion, we foster a community while producing craft beers that are easy to drink on your fishing boat, while barbequing with friends, or just relaxing on your couch at the end of a long day.

Settle in and have a sleeve. 

Farmstrong Cider Company

Jeff and Halee Fried have been farming for 30 years and their children are now the third generation committed to growing good food for great people. People ask about where the name Farmstrong came from, to answer that we need to go back. As a newly married couple Jeff and Halee started farming in 1989. A small acreage in Armstrong was purchased and the couple built a poultry farm from the ground up. It was familiar territory as Halee's parents had been poultry farmers since the '70's. 
In 2016 Jeff and Halee purchased a century old farm steeped with history and deeply rooted in the agriculture community of the Okanagan Valley. Looking for ways to make the farm more viable Halee wanted to explore her fascination with cider and Jeff wanted to restore the heritage barn on the site, the two ideas were married and the idea of Farmstrong was born. We are so pleased you have chosen to visit our site. Since the spring of 2016 Jeff and Halee along with their sons Mitchell and Griffin have been working hard to make premium craft (small batch) ciders along with restoring a heritage barn built in 1896.
Now that we can catch our breath after the cidery start up. We now want to share all our farming with you. For the 2021 season we will now be offering our Farmstrong grown poultry and beef alongside our great tasting cider. 

Redbird Brewing

why is it called red bird?

We wanted the name for the brewery to have a strong connection to community and be based on the rich history of this beautiful city.
The annual Kelowna Regatta had been around for longer than the city has been established, it's what brought the community together for the entire Okanagan and even pulled in visitors from the far ends of the province. Since the regatta is literally what brought the community together and we found this amazing photo and story of an old race boat used in the early days, it felt like a perfect fit. Red Bird Brewing was born.
Community drives every decision we make, it's why there are no TVs on the walls, the volume of the music is low, the tap list is diverse, staff is friendly and the community tables make for great conversations with strangers (not during covid though). 

Upside Cider

Isaac (our crazy farmer and co-founder) has been farming organically since birth. His parents came to Cawston, BC with a dream and no farming experience. They carved out a new counter culture movement that included the formation of SOOPA and COABC. His father, Billy, knew that something needed to be done to connect the organic growers with the consumer, so he started Cawston Cold Storage. It is now the biggest organic fruit packing house in Canada, packing over 17 million pounds of organic fruit per year.

This is what makes our cider so special. We use juice-grade apples that come out of C/A storage. A lot of juice apples aren't this high quality, and juicing from a fresh and crisp apple gives our cider a clean and fresh taste that doesn't need much added.  Just simple, pure and organic.

Our production facility and tasting room is on our own Certified Organic Farm where we are committed to environmental sustainability and biodiversity. Not only do we use our own organic apples, but we also incorporate our other organic fruit and fruit from other farmers in the area. 


The team at Upside Cider is proud and excited to present Kelowna's first Organic Cider. We hope you enjoy both the flavour and the authenticity. 



The mad scientist was in need of adventure, freedom and the inspiration that only comes from following a dream. The dream to make the world’s best tasting beer. It was while working as a nuclear physicist He heard his calling “Go to the mountains, young man, your artistic freedom awaits.”

Following the call Bart set off into the wild where his soul could roam and his heart could breathe. Where he knew life would be simple & rugged, green & clean…


It was among the snow capped mountains and crystal clear streams where he realized he finally fit in with like-minded artisanal craftsman who shared the same dream… to disconnect from modern life and reconnect with the world through their art.

These artists were rowdy and thirsty, bold and daring, and Bart knew what to do and what he wanted to become.

Combine his scientific knowledge and creativity to become the modern pioneer of award winning craft beer, the best suds around.

Shuswap Cidery

The 1920’s was the Golden Age of the apple in the Shuswap.  The climate was ideal for orchardists, with a balance of sunshine and enough moisture so that no irrigation was required.  These unique conditions created some of the most delicious apples in the world and they were in high demand.  Paddle wheelers stopped along the lakeshore to gather boxes by the ton and some eventually found their way to markets in Great Britain, South Africa and South America.

In 2020, the Shuswap Cider Company launched a new Golden Age of the apple in the form of cider. We ferment using a blend of traditional bittersweet and bittersharp varietals, along with complementary culinary apples, to create a brilliant balance of characteristics in each small batch. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail in our craft ciders.  Savour the moments sharing them with the family and friends in your world!