Our Commitment to Animal Care

We are proud of our connection with animals.  Treating them with respect and care is part of how we celebrate our western heritage and values.  Throughout the year more than 2,500 animals take part in our many competitions, exhibitions and educational programs.

In the spirit of continuous improvements, we look to the advice of experts and the latest in science to better understand animal behavior, response and performance related to western events.

Throughout the year we consult with professional veterinary advisors, world-class researchers and many other experts in livestock care, health and handling.  As a result, we are fortunate to share learnings with and from other fairs, rodeos and exhibitions.

The Interior Provincial Exhibition and Stampede take a disciplined approach to animal care, focused on meeting three distinct standards:

1. The regulations set out in SPCA BC, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act BC, BC Farm Animal Care Council year round.

2. The codes of best practices for each animal species as recommended by Canada’s industry experts and our Animal Care Advisory panel; and

3. The Interior Provincial Exhibition Association’s own animal care code of practice.  During the Interior Provincial Exhibition, a team of veterinarians are on site day and night to ensure the best possible care is available.

The Interior Provincial Exhibition’s strict adherence to BC’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act also means the BC SPCA have all-access privileges to the IPE Fairgrounds.


Join the fun. Be an exhibitor!

Many know the IPE stands for Interior Provincial Exhibition, but many don’t know they can a part of the exhibition by showing off their hobby or special skill. It’s time to think about how you can participate in the fair more fully this year.

Show off your expertiseWin cash prizes & receive a 5-day pass a nominal fee

Volunteering in the town of Armstrong is one way; but you are encouraged to show off your expertise and enter one of the Prize Book Categories. Win cash prizes. As well the Exhibitor Fair Passes give participants 5-day access to the fair grounds at a nominal fee.

Show off your talent and be a part of this enthusiast group of children, youth and adults of all ages who show off their wares. Compete in one of these categories: baking, canning, fancywork and sewing, photography and wine making. There are 225 classes in the ‘Hobbies’ category alone. Getting an item or collection together to exhibit at the IPE is a perfect rainy day activity and can keep the kids busy during the school summer vacation. Consider leatherwork, ceramics, paper tole or woodwork. Other hobbies you can enter into the Interior Provincial Exhibition contest include handcrafted jewellery, scrapbooking pages, glass work, and tie dyed articles.

All Categories

Forms & InformationPlease read these prior to your arrival