Edgar Muenala

Edgar Muenala is a unique artist among his own generation, a composer, songwriter and a pan flute extraordinaire who combines ancient tunes with new age sensibility. Edgar relates to music much in the way of an ongoing journey, Edgar Muenala is an independent artist based in British Columbia, he has traveled across the world for the past 21 years sharing his music with all types of crowds. In February of 2010, he was featured at the stage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics Game in 2010.

He has produced 8 albums and 2 DVD’s of live performances of his own music and of other Canadian artists. In addition to his scoring credits, he has been heard at the Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition, Surrey Fusion Festival (BC), Oriental Strings of Harmony Concert at the Richmond River Rock Casino, Edmonton Heritage Festival.

Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson is a talented entertainer from Calgary Alberta Canada, whom has been performing for North American audiences for over 30 years. Growing up in the middle of British Columbia Canada, exposed Jack to the "country way of life" that has characterized his personality. With his "cowboy hat" on or off, any time spent with Jack Jackson will reveal to you why he is called "Canada's New Country Gentleman".

With 14 albums to his credit and over 30 years experience in the North American Music industry, Jack Jackson knows how to entertain an audience of all ages. With music that is "genuinely country", Jack has become a popular entertainer at festivals and fairs throughout Canada, and the United States of America. His music has endeared him with radio fans in many parts of Europe, the Orient and the Netherlands, making Jack an "International recording artist".
The music of today's Country music legends such as George Strait, Allan Jackson, Mark Chestnut ,and many others along with yesterdays legends such as Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Jim Reeves, Ray Price, and Bob Wills is recreated through the gifted vocal talents of this CANADIAN "NEW COUNTRY" GENTLEMAN.


HOJA (hoe-jah) is Canadian acappella group formed in the summer of 1998 and originally based out of Saskatoon, SK. Over the past decade, HOJA has recorded five CD’s (selling over 25,000 units) and performed for more than 3,000 audiences (over 750,000 people) from British Columbia to Ontario. Our repertoire is filled with favorite songs from the 50’s to the present that span every style of music — from doo wop to rock, country to disco — no genre is safe from Canada’s favorite acappella heroes!  

Each member of HOJA sings a variety of different voice parts including bass lines, lead vocals, tenor and baritone parts, instrument sounds such as guitars and trumpets, beatboxing and drum noises, and assorted sound effects. Audiences are often amazed to learn that every sound during the performance is being created live by the singers on stage… there are no backup tracks!

Cod Gone Wild

What do you get when you combine a tenderhearted singer songwriter from Newfoundland, a larger than life Albertan drummer raised in Saudi Arabia, an internationally renowned fiddling BC beauty, and an effortlessly cool Japanese Canadian bass player? None other than Cod Gone Wild.

Based out of BC's Okanagan Valley since 2009, this Celtic inspired band is focused on giving traditional music a modern edge. Blending the varied talents of four musicians whose classical, folk and rock backgrounds fuse together to create a dynamic and unique sound that instantly connects and resonates with audiences. Through their uplifting energy and remarkable stage presence, they weave together a tapestry of tales that evoke a nostalgic experience of days gone by. Booking everything from weddings to festivals, house concerts to sports tournaments, their music and performance is diverse and adaptable to any size venue or demographic.


//AMISTAD// is an alternative 5-piece band from Vernon, BC who continues to shake heads with their epic sounds and impressive songwriting chops. Unsatisfied churning out simple three minute rock standards, they continue to challenge their craft by hiking to new songwriting heights and attack each new live show with the relentless energy of a band on the verge.

Ben Klick

Talent, commitment, sacrifice, and attitude are the four words Kelowna, British Columbia based artist, Ben Klick, lives by. Klick is establishing himself as a guitar slinging, unique, high energy and interactive country artist.

Originally from Vancouver and raised in West Kelowna, Klick has always been surrounded by music. Ben found his passion for guitar and started playing at age 6. As an artist he has received multiple awards and industry association nominations, his most recent, taking first place in the 2015 Edmonton Global Country Star Search, and is nominated for 5 2015 BCCMA Awards including: Gaylord Wood Traditional Country Award, Country Club Act of the Year, Ray McAuley Horizon Award, Guitar Player of the Year, and Website of the Year.

Mud Bay Blues Band

For 29 years (and counting) the Mud Bay Blues Band has been electrifying audiences with their eclectic brand of Rhythm and Blues. Surviving more than their share of trials and tribulations along the way, they continue to live up to their well-earned reputation as “The Band That Won’t Go Away”--much to the delight of their legions of devoted fans.

This ain’t your average blues band.


The Silverbacks are a Kelowna based band focusing primarily on classic rock. The band attempts to select songs from the 60s onward that the audience knows and loves, but may not be typical cover band material.

From Motown to Punk and everything in between, their goal to keep the dance floor full.

Michael Painchaud

Michael Painchaud is a country music singer/songwriter currently based in the Okanagan. He has performed throughout Western Canada, including the Calgary Stampede after being voted one of the top 25 emerging artists by the British Columbia Country Music Association in 2015.

His live shows feature a mixture of originals and a variety of covers songs, ranging from classic country artists (Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard) to present day contemporary country artists (Jake Owen, Tim McGraw). While his playing style sometimes ventures into the “pop country” genre, his traditional vocals keep each song rooted in classic country.

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