Multi Talented Magician and Master IllusionistChris Lovely

2020 Kids World is Thrilled to be able to showcase A Multi-Talented Magician and Master Illusionist- Chris Lovely

He will be taking on the role of MC and entertainer for the Kids World Stage. 

Chris will not only make Magic happen right before your very eyes! He will most definitely make things disappear…….


Kids World Stage Everyday………. “Where the Magic Happens”

Bubble Wonders

2020 IPE Kids World will be filled with bubbles!

As BUBBLE WONDERS returns with the FUN and the BUBBLES that only he can bring.

Daily in Kids World.




For the very first time ever- The IPE Kids World is bringing a World Renown Jungle Explorer to Kids World Stage!

Jamie George Oscar Swetenham Jr.III Esq. will be sharing some of his never SEEN before finds from his worldly travels.

PREPARE to be ASTOUNDED, PREPARE to be AMAZED, and PREPARE to LAUGH until your sides hurt!

As Jamie gives us a glimpse of some of the WORLDS' rarest creatures, in fact rumors are that he has actually captured a YETI!

 WAIT That’s not all ***Sometimes Jamie will be on stage; but sometimes it could be some of the crew he travels with .Like a Mad Scientist with weird experiments gone wrong or a Swash-Buckling Pirate searching for his long lost treasure amongst the audience,  or even a wild, wild west cowboy with his six shooters a’blazin!

You will just have to see it to believe it!   Three times Daily on Kids World Stage and occasionally roaming around in Kids World!                                                  

THISTLE HILL PET FARMKids come and see the animals!

For the past 15 years “THISTLE HILL PETTING FARM “has been providing an opportunity for IPE Fair goers of all ages to view- touch with supervision and spend some time with animals, at the IPE Kids World.                                                                                                                 

The experienced operators of this licensed professional pet farm generously share their passion and animal knowledge with guests. Helping everyone interested enjoy safely an up close- hands-on experience!

                           Creating memories to last a Lifetime at IPE Kids World 

Nankama - Drum CircleFor Kids of All Ages!


Don’t miss your chance TO MAKE SOME NOISE!

BOBBY BOVENZI shares his talents of DRUMMING, DANCING and SINGING with IPE Kids WORLD.

45 DRUMS AND 50+ PERCUSSION instruments- A unique interactive EVENT !

Only Wednesday Sept 2 to Saturday Sept 5 in Kids World




Rainbow the Clown and PT the Clown

2020 IPE Kids World can’t help smiling from ear to ear to have the Very Talented, Very Funny CLOWNS - 

PT and RAINBOW back to share the meeting and greeting of all the Kids World guests!                                               

Stop by their tent and get a load of their antics, and even a balloon creation made personally for you, for FREE!


ALL Available for FREE in Kids World Daily! 

Yukon Dan - Gold PanningHere is your chance to learn "How to pan GOLD"

                                            World Champion Gold Panner -Yukon Dan                                                                                               

Dan will be Panning for Gold; Every day in Kids World and would be happy to share his skill and expertise with you!

STOP by his tent at the IPE Kids World and swirl a pan or two. 

Experience the thrill of finding some GOLD of your very own.