Mini Chuckwagon Racing Started in 1998

Miniature Chuckwagon racing started in 1998 with 4 wagons and 3 shows throughout the year. Now we have expanded all over Alberta, into British Columbia. We now entertain 15+ shows a year with up to 14 wagons. The IPE is one of their favorites. THis year we are bringing 10 tiny teams of strong little powerhouses to thrill the crowds. Come to the main rodeo ring in the afternoons to cheer on your favourite 4-hitch chuckwagons! Saturday morning all the teams and their drivers will be part of the parade. See y'all at the fair!!

West Coast Lumberjack Shows


The West Coast Lumberjack Shows is action packed, non-stop entertainment, complete with it's own portage stage, competitors and emcee.  Since 1982, they have performed all over the world to great reviews.

Their lumberjacks have been featured on several national television series including The Bachelor Canada and Canada's Got Talent as well as internationally on The Amazing Race Australia and the new Bates Motel television series in the United States.

Their shows are rated by fair evaluators and by the public as the top attraction at the fair.  We are so excited and happy to have them back to our fair.


Agriculture AwarenessHands on demonstrations

Come and experience all the hands on demonstrations, activities, games and information surrounding all things agriculture. This area provides some amazing facts and figures about where your food comes from. From goat milking to sheep shearing to farrier demonstrations, from honey extraction to wagon wheel building to a blacksmith competition, the IPE has it all. 

Western Farrier and Blacksmith Demo

A Battle of Blacksmiths is making its debut at the 2022 IPE. Sound of Forge is a friendly competition between new and experienced Blacksmiths to show what they can do with a hammer and an anvil. Blacksmiths work with metal to make, create, and repair things...from complex items such as gates, grilles, and railings to the simplest essentials for the ranchers like nails and horse shoes. In addition to the competition there will be a metal art gallery with hand-crafted creations for sale. 


Come watch skilled farriers as they demonstrate what and how they do their job. Farriers analyze and determine the type of shoeing for all equine feet taking into consideration all type of work and working conditions for the horses. The farriers will be showing how they trim a foot, build a shoe, fir the shoe, nail it on, and clinch it. If this was a competition it would take about an hour. 

Barn DanceYou don’t want to miss this exciting fair dance

The Barn Dance is back again under the BIG Tent. Featuring Appaloosa, this high energy, entertaining band will ensure you have an amazing time at our Barn Dance. You must be 19+. Located in the Big White Dance Hall Tent Friday and Saturday night! Get tickets online. 

Enjoy a date night or an evening out with friends. The music starts at 9pm until the wee hours of the night. Enjoy dancing, drinking, and friendship until 1am.