Come Support the small businesses, throughout the Okanagan at our2-Day Artisan Market on

Wednesday August 31st & Thursday September 1st! 

Candle Shoppe

Founded in 2020

The Little Candle Shoppe is owned and operated by three sisters who love to craft, create, and spend time together, and the Little Candle Shoppe enables us to do all three. We love the products we make and know you will too!

Okanagan Blankets

All our blankets are made right here in the sunny Okanagan Valley. Blankets with a balance, containing 20% wool for temperature regulation, and sturdy enough to throw down on the beach, on the trail or on the snow.

Ghostly Garlic

 We are Ghostly Garlic located in Lake Country B.C. In the Fall of 2013 we were just a couple of backyard gardeners with a garlic obsession. We decided to plant 20 head of garlic in one 4x8 planter box and as the years passed it quickly turned into 18 of them! Fast forward to 2021 we now have 55,000 head in the ground .We plant, grow, harvest, cure and process every single clove. Made with love, from our farm to your table.


Sparrow Grass Field and Flower is a wonderful way to share the magic of the Okanagan. Walk along the colorful rows of flowers and build your own bouquet from a variety of fresh and local flowers, or sip tea while you escape the busy bustle of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside where we grew up. We also have ice cream and other tasty treats to enjoy in any season

Deep Root Woodworking

Cutting boards, charcuterie boards, cheese knives, pens, benches, and tables, coasters

ONLY here Thursday September 1st in the White Tent


Jeff and Halee Fried have been farming for 30 years and their children are now the third generation committed to growing good food for great people. As a newly married couple Jeff and Halee started farming in 1989. A small acreage in Armstrong was purchased and the couple built a poultry farm from the ground up. It was familiar territory as Halee's parents had been poultry farmers since the '70's.  Looking for ways to make the farm more viable Halee wanted to explore her fascination with cider and Jeff wanted to restore the heritage barn on the site, the two ideas were married and the idea of Farmstrong was born.

Flourish and Form

Flourish and Form is a local Okanagan business. We provide watercolour art: custom portraits, custom house paintings, bibles, thank you cards and stickers. All of the designs are created by Alexandra Lutsenko and reflect a love for all things natural and wild. The blend of watercolour and ink creates a simple yet elegant feel. For custom orders don’t hesitate to contact!

ONLY here Wednesday August 31st in the White Tent!

Baccata Ridge Winery

Baccata Ridge Winery specializes in the production of premium cool climate wines.  The winery and vineyard is located at the north end of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  The vineyards and blueberry patch are situated on steep, south-west facing slopes, and the mineral rich soils ensure high quality fruit production.  While the winery has been in production for the past twelve years, it was taken over by the Robertson family in September of 2016.  We are a family with a strong agriculture background excited to bring an upbeat atmosphere and experience.  To learn more and see what the North Okanagan is all about, come visit us at our small but charming rustic taste cabin.


Being Canada's newest and most innovative clean makeup line on the market, we are always working with new technology. Our proprietary ingredient is the first of it's kind to hit the market; it mimics the look and feel of silicone but is derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil. It's 100% natural, sustainable, and Eco-Certified. This amazing ingredient hydrates skin like no other, and provides professional performance without any of the icky stuff.  We are proud to say that all of our products are Peta Cruelty-Free Certified, and Peta Vegan because no animal should ever have to suffer for our love of makeup. All of our products are manufactured in a Health Canada regulated facility, and every ingredient is ethically sourced, meaning no child has had to mine the mica found in our products.

Muri Floral and Decor

Mobile floral and decor shop. Bringing you fresh, local blooms in the Okanagan area!

North Okanagan apparel

 We started North Okanagan Apparel in June of 2020... yes we started a business in a global pandemic. In the past few months we turned our basement operation into a full scale business.  We wanted to deliver comfortable, high quality apparel to represent the okanagan.  When we think of the Okanagan there is a feeling of happiness, comfort, and pride. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we simply wanted to be able to share our passion of the Okanagan with everyone through different  kinds of apparel.

Pen on Paper

I am a self-taught artist, based in Kelowna, BC. I have been running Pen On Paper Co full-time since 2019. I was a server for 6 years prior to starting my business and found that I longed for more creativity and independence in my life, so I sent out a message on the Facebook marketplace showcasing some of my pieces and asking if anyone would be interested in purchasing prints if I had them made. I got an overwhelming response and so I made my first order of prints and quit my job a month later to pursue this full-time. My sketches take around 20-60 hours to complete, depending on the subject. I draw most of my inspiration from nature, and I’m sure you can understand why! I especially love the challenge of animals because there are so many different textures to try to achieve and each one has a unique personality to try to capture.

Whisper on the Ocean

This book speaks to one of Canada’s greatest wrongs and its lasting impact on generations of people, related and otherwise. It is a story of how institutionalized bigotry has shaped Canada’s relationship with its First Nations Peoples. It exposes a dark, and until recently, hidden chapter in Canadian history, that of Indian Residential Schools; the effects of which the Canadian Government now acknowledges as being “profoundly negative.”

Signs from the heart

Handmade rustic wood home decor including:

signs pf various sizes, shelves with hooks, lanterns, etc.

Thistle Industries

 Nas was raised on a farm in the small community of Armstrong, British Columbia. Growing up, sewing was a part of family life but it was during her years working at Rapattack, as a forest firefighter, that she began sewing for industrial purposes; with an eye for aesthetics and a mind for design she began making gear prototypes.In 2018 Nas started an experimental collection of leather bags that resulted in the launch of Thistle Industries as we know it today. Although she spends most of her time now sewing and designing leather bags and accessories she still works in industry whenever possible.

Soaper nova

Here at Soapernova Soaps, we are a small, one woman business, built on the foundation of making beautiful products that enhance your skin and allow you to indulge yourself in the beauty of handmade. For over 10 years, we have strived to provide you with the most natural bath and body product as possible. All of our products are free of dyes, preservatives (where possible), parabens, phthalates, or detergents. They are gluten friendly, and unless otherwise stated, vegan. We use both essential oils, and phthalate free fragrance oils. Our organic Soap bars provide a beautiful touch of color and unique look that lets everyone know it's crafted with a touch of handmade care.

The Universe Psychic Services

Tarot Card Readings and Books. The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot by Marv Machura.

The Millennium Toth Tarot Deck by Renata Lechner

Tangled twigs

Handmade varierty of modern boho macrame products, along with providing custom orders. My products range from home decor items such as wall hangings off of drift wood and antlers, coasters, placemats and unique plant hangers. I make custom baby mobiles and loads of goodies such as pacifier clips, bookmarks, keychains, lanyards and multiple styles of earrings. The majority of my supplies are locally sourced, and all of my cord is made from recycled cotton.

Peak to Pine

My passion for crafting started as long ago as I can remember. Tuesdays were my favourite because Tuesday meant I got to go to my Grandma's house and craft after school. I would make anything and everything. She taught me how to sew, knit, use a glue gun and for sure her least favourite to clean up - glitter. Fast forward 20+ years and here we are!

Laurel's Boutique

I'm a fine artist and graphic designer who's lucky enough to call the North Okanagan home. I find the 'Sunny Okanagan' to be truly inspirational. I see it everywhere, from the spring wildflowers growing in ditches to autumn leaves in the orchards or the simple beauty of today's sunset over the lake and hills by our house. 
I make, do and practice art as often as time allows and whenever inspiration hits, managing family life in between of course! I love all things art and design and have dabbled in a number of mediums. You can usually find me painting or sitting in front of a potters wheel making fun, funky, functional pottery.

Shore Apparel

As a parent of 5 kids  we were having a hard time finding stylish affordable yet good quality wear that our little ones could roam free in. From growing up in the Rocky Mountains to now living in the Okanagan; our family loves to be outdoors.

We work hard in making sure that every product we produce and distribute is made with the best quality fit and durability. We pride ourselves in making sure your little ones are safe and protected while still looking fly on the go.

Camping, beaching, snowboarding , hiking whatever you choose to do together we made sure our products aligned with our lifestyle as a family.Free and adventurous.Dedicated to babes and toddlers to make your shopping life a little easier.

Love Chay