Do you remember the first time you saw a cow up close, or when you encountered a pumpkin so big, you were sure could fit in it?

Were you at an agricultural fair? For many people, children and adults alike, wandering through displays at an event like the IPE was their first real life exposure to the importance of agriculture in our province. Think about it: everything on your plate comes from a field! This year, we decided to celebrates 150 years of Canadian agriculture with the theme “Field to Plate, Come Celebrate 150 Years of Agriculture in Canada."

Those who pioneered fairs and exhibitions, including the IPE as we mark our 118th fair, recognized the importance of coming together to celebrate hard work, build connections, and create a sense of community around agriculture. We love to promote education and excellence in hundreds of areas from 4-H to gardening to baking, canning, and more.

Be sure to take in the many exhibits that celebrate our theme, #fieldtoplate (hashtag us on Instagram and Twitter), and back again, the Iron Chef contest invites you to jump in on the action. All of the ingredients are sourced locally, and Iron Chef will once again challenge various teams against each other filled with great judges, mystery ingredients, and the a crucial timeline. Both amateurs and professionals are welcome, email Andrea if you'd like to compete. Be a part of the audience, and you may be lucky enough to judge the tasty creations.

We hope you explore everything the IPE has to offer this year. Celebrate, from field to plate!

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