Youth Talent Contestants Compete
This years' Youth Talent Vocal Competition was a hit.  We had a great number of competitors who were all very talented.  We moved the time of the competition early in the day.  This was very well received.  We will continue with this again next year.  If you are looking to perform and compete next year.  Please stay tuned for the information to be posted on our website and social media - FB, Instagram, Twitter.
Ages 10 - 13
1st - Olivia Lattery
2nd - Lily Higgins
3rd - Brooke Handler
Ages 14 - 16
1st - Sophia Mae
2nd - Courteny Vissia
3rd - Jaiden Lloyd
Ages 17 - 25
1st - Erick Chirkaoff
2nd - Shaughnessy Rose
3rd - Sophia Rideout

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