What is a volunteer? A volunteer is a person that offers himself or herself for a service and performs that service willingly and without any financial compensation. That pretty well describes the hundreds of volunteers who have contributed to the IPE in the last 119 years and helped to make the IPE what it is today.

The IPE Volunteer of the Year Award is a unique opportunity to recognize and publicly acknowledge the invaluable dedication, initiative and outstanding contribution to the IPE by one of our volunteers.

Doug Hunt was honoured to be the first recipient of the award in 1989.

Ted Steiger was selected as the 2018 IPE Volunteer of the Year. Ted is well deserving of this award!  He is an Executive Director, 4 - H Director and responsible for the Parking/Security.  Ted has worked tirelessly for the IPE for many years.  It's always a pleasure to have Ted on the team.  He's passionate about everything he's involved with.

 Congratulations to a very deserving IPE Volunteer of the Year – Ted Steiger!!

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