2022 Board of Directors

2022 Full Board of Directors

President Patti Thomas
Vice-President Lloyd Main
Past President Jeanne Noble Harter
Executive Director Ted Steiger
Executive Director Joe Herring
Executive Director Mike Paull
Executive Director Karsten Bellows
Executive Director Dustin Griffin
Executive Director Jennifer Nelson
Div 1 Beef Lawrna Meyers
Div 1a Commercial Beef David Ayres
Div 2 Dairy Brian Hamming
Div 3 Goat Linda Underwood
Div 4 Heavy Horse Adam Degenstein
Div 5 Light Horse Kelly Kennedy
Div 6 Poulty Dudley Deleenheer
Div 6a Rabbits Jan Dobson
Div 7 Sheep Tambria Shortt
Div 8 Swine Mike Paull
Div 9 4-H  
Div 10 Baking/Cooking Jennifer Nelson
Div 11 Sewing/Quilting Lucy Whitbread
Div 12 Floral  Ellen Dyck
Div 13 Fruit Leanne Maw
Div 14 Hobbies Megan Erikson
Div 15 Honey Lisa Babchuck
Div 16 Photography Michelle Cummings
Div 17 Field & Seed Neil McKechnie
Div 18 Vegetables Lloyd Main
Div 19 Wine& Beer Mindy Burke
Rodeo  Joe Herring
Directors-at-Large Tom Harter
Directors-at-Large Brett Kirkpatrick
Directors-at-Large Darrin Taylor