First Aid

Located at Gate 1, in the front side of Hassen Hall. The station is staffed at all times with St. John Ambulance Medical First Responders.

Lost & Found

Lost and found articles may be dropped off or recovered at the IPE Office- 3010 Wood Ave. Their telephone number is (250)-546-9406

Babies & Infants

The nursing station is in Hassen Arena. Changing tables are located in the back of Hassen Arena restrooms and the Poultry washrooms. A changing table is also available in the portable washrooms located at Gate 2


We have designated our grounds as non-smoking of any type and no vaping.  If you would like to smoke a tobacco cigarette or vape please go to one of the gates and use the cigarette receptacle positioned there for your convenience.  We appreciate your assistance with respecting our non-smoking/vaping policy.

Fair People Movers – Transporters

Hop on this FREE shuttle that will take you across the fairgrounds. This service is provided at peak times daily.

Locating family members, lost children

Keeping track of your family members: children, seniors, and any one else who may wander away can be registered at Kid’s World and receive a wristband for extra reassurance.