First Aid

There are two first aid stations on the fairgrounds. One is situated inside Asparagas Theatre and the second is situated by the South end of the Green Granstands close to Community Corner entrance. Both stations are staffed at all times with full trained St. John Ambulance Medical First Responders.(see map)

Lost & Found Items

Lost and found articles may be dropped off at any of the three (3) Info boths on grounds or at the IPE Office (3010 Wood Ave - located off grounds across from the Wood Ave entrance). Contact:(250)-546-9406

Babies & Infants

There are change tables available in the Hassen Marketplace and Poultry Barn washrooms plus a full nursing station plus change table area is  located inside the Horticultural Hall.  

Smoking Areas

There are three designated smoking/vaping areas on the fairgrounds. These areas are situated away from barns, hay, and other fuel sources. Please respect these areas as they are approved by the Fire Department to ensure that the fairgrounds stay safe during this dry season. (see map)

The IPE will not permit the use of controlled substances on any properties associated with the IPE during the dates of the exhibition. 

Guest Transporters

This a a FREE shuttle available to take you from one end of the grounds to the other. The pick up and drop off areas are located at the Wood Aveue entrance gate at the north end of the fairgrounds and the Community Corner area situated at the south end of the fairgrounds. This service is provided at peak times daily and does not follow the gate schedule.  

Lost Kids, or Locating family members

Each information booth (x3) and the Lost Kids tent will have lost kids wristbands. This ensures children, seniors, or other family members will have proper contact information on them at all times if they get disoriented or lost. The LOST KIDS tent is in Community Corner at the Scouts Canada area. (see map)